To enlighten the neophytes and offer a little reminder to the insiders, here is a small lexicon of transport and logistics containing some of the technical terms commonly used and activities represented.

ATA Carnet

Allows the free movement of certain goods free of all duties and taxes in the territory of all Contracting States to the Convention.


Air Waybill

Bill of Lading

shipping document which authenticates the goods, serves as a receipt and proof for the terms and conditions of transport. It must be signed by the captain or on his behalf


  1. who finds a ship for a customer (purchase, lease, charter);
  2. who is an advertiser of goods from ships and acts as an intermediary between the armaments and the authorities (customs etc.).

Carnet TIR

carnet à feuillets détachables utilisé pour une opération de transit international routier.


who orders for transportation.

Consignee agent

legal representative of the shipowner at the technical, practical and administrative level (physical organization of the call, transport tickets, stopover fees, customs documents, etc.).

Customs declarant

service provider mandated by the shipping agent to pay customs duties (collection and return to customs) and intermediary between buyers and sellers of customs.

Export control system (ECS)

this procedure is based on the advance submission to the customs of a summary with declarations containing logistical and commercial data, allowing a risk analysis and targeted controls.

Freight Forwarder

organizes the transport, he is an intermediary of trade. He takes charge of the organization of groupage activities, chartering, city office, etc..


consolidates goods from different shippers to fill containers and trucks as much as possible (goods bundling/unbundling).

HAWB (House Air Waybill)

air transport document issued by an air consolidator.

Logistics Provider

implements a tailor-made solution from receipt of goods in containers to the final distribution at the customer’s customer, through warehouse storage and order picking.

Road Haulier

he is the provider who directly delivers freight to a carrier or a truck-driver on behalf of a customer.

Shipping agent (liner)

commercial legal representative of the shipowner.


he arms the ship to pick up the goods (Port of Loading – POD) and unload them at the Port of Discharge (POD). Responsible for the maintenance of the ship, the crew, fluids and materials to be provided. If the shipowner does not own 100% of the ship, he is a charterer


(twenty-foot equivalent unit/EVP in French) = unit of volume of container traffic, related to the capacity of container ships.