The strength of Sealogis lies in the Human, its expertise but also its commitment to weave a corporate culture, carry and transmit positive values in the daily work.

Service Willingness

When they take care of your request, the women and men who make up the Group give themselves the means to find a solution that meets your expectations. We aspire to a well done job ; it is the main strength of Sealogis, based on the Human, the will to do well, and the trust.


To understand the constraints of our partners, we rely on experts in different fields and offer a per-business approach. For many years, we have been developing dedicated teams for various sectors of activities, integrated in the core customers’ supply chain.


The requirement, the variety of requests, the multiple typologies of customers push our teams to curiosity, to capitalize on their experience. We encourage transversal exchanges to transmit the expertise of our various professions. We are able to handle any type of transportation, any type of merchandise, any size, anywhere in the world.


The service-oriented approach, the proximity with the customers to integrate the problems of their supply-chain, our cross-functional expertise, have of course developed a great reactivity within the group. We build competitive and tailor-made offers, for urgent punctuality as well as to ensure recurring logistics.


Our women and men are our strength, the trust of our partners is our major asset to grow together. Listen, advise, explain, adjust too, in case of unforeseen event, in full transparency.
This goes through a culture of doing well, an idea of ethics that we share with our customers and suppliers over the long term.