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Situation Canal of Suez 29/03/2021

Sealogis communication – canal of suez

Happy new year

carte de voeux 2021 sealogis ENG

Info Organization COVID-19 of 02.11.2020


Dear Customers, Following the new health measures which have recently entered into force in France, SEALOGIS has organized itself in such a way as to ...

Exceptional arrival at the port of Le Havre


The 14TH OF August in the morning, the vessel ZHEN HUA 27, a heavy load carrier , entered the port of Le Havre. This vessel was loaded with 4 brand ne...

Port du masque obligatoire

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ci joint une note concernant le port du masque obligatoire dans nos locaux, en cliquant ici

The Gender Equality Index

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The Gender Equality Index is a tool implemented since 2019 by the Ministry of Labour in order to eliminate inequalities between women and men in socie...